Announcing 'Cerberus' 3 Camera Array

HFS has developed a new 3 camera array system for the Shotover K1 stabilised 6-Axis gimbal. Currently configured with ARRI Alexa Mini cameras and Zeiss Ultra Prime LDS 20mm lenses giving a 10% image overlap with a maximum 180 degree field of view. Each lens was had iris control which was connected via remote to to the operator in the helicopter cabin. Each Alexa Mini had sync and genlock and controlled over a WLAN. 

The first production to use the Cerberus is extremely pleased with the resulting 180 degree wrap around background plates for VFX. The stich was completed by the VFX post production house.

Mounting plates and cabling for the RED Weapon is also available.

Aerial DoP: Jeremy Braben

Design & Aerial Technician: Oliver Ward

More details to follow: