High Speed Tracking of Jaguar XE Project 8

Amazon's, The Grand Tour uses our Evo Fast Tracking Car

A firm favourite with Directors and drivers alike, our unique Mistsubishi Evo fast tracking car is unbeaten for space and performance, and when coupled with our Shotover F1 stabilised system is unrivalled. Chosen by the director of Series 3, episode 4 for its ability to keep up with cars at speed, the Evo was driven, by Tim Marshall-Rowe from Driving Wizards, captured stunning sequences of the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 at the Grand Tour Track.

This week, Jeremy Clarkson is at the Eboladrome to test the snorting, swollen, near-600 horsepower Jaguar XE Project 8. A look at what makes this a beast



Watch out for other episodes shot using our awesome Evo/Shotover Combination.