New Ferrari F8 Tribute launched at Geneva

New Ferrari Film Uses Evo tracking vehicle

When Ferrari launched their new F8 Tributo at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, they needed a film.

That task was awarded to Caspar & Co/Redwood and the director, Ben Joiner, chose to use our Evo Fast Tracking vehicle and Shotover F1.


The AWD FQ330 allowed the director to keep up with the Ferrari and stay inside the action. Unlike other 2 seater fast tracking cars, the EVO has the ability to carry a director, operator and client or focus puller and still carry a proper full size stabilised gimbal system.


Production Company: Caspar & Co/ Redwood

Director/DoP: Ben Joiner

Operator: Jeremy Braben

Evo Driver: Tim Marshall-Rowe

Ferrari Driver: Niki Faulkner

Technician: Oliver Ward