Tracking Vehicles

To shoot the best action sequences, you need technology that’s tailored to your needs and operated by experts, like our range of highly versatile advanced tracking vehicles.

Tracking Vehicles

Feature Films, Commercials & Branded Content

Designed to fit a range of rigging arms and camera systems, our cars and award-winning crews have produced some of the most exciting scenes ever shot, including exciting sequences from the Bond 007 film Skyfall and Ron Howards Formula One blockbuster RUSH, to the latest The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

We are constantly developing our vehicle line-up, which currently includes models from Aston Martin and the venerable Mitsubishi EVO.

On top of our aerial filming expertise, we are also highly experienced at shooting action sequences on the ground using our top-of-the-range tracking vehicles, which can carry a variety of cameras from Broadcast to IMAX.

Our vehicles are crewed by expert drivers and operators, who boast a stellar body of work.

We can also build camera support systems to meet your specific detailed requirements and can include stabilised systems such as our own Stab-C Compact, Cineflex and Shotover F1 & G1 stabilised systems.

We also work alongside Grips developing innovations in rigging for the latest camera technology.

Putting together a complex shoot involving Tracking Vehicles?

Our vast technical knowledge and experience means we get the challenges you face. So if you have a question or just need a little advice don’t hesitate to contact us.