The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), or Drone, has quickly become an essential filmmaking tool.

Size and manoeuvrability of these remote controlled multi-rotors, coupled with innovative lightweight camera technology and our experienced crews, allow you to shoot movement and action sequences or VFX element plates, in inaccessible locations, or where a traditional helicopter unit would not be appropriate, to incredible effect.

Safety is paramount and all our drone crews observe strict health & safety guidelines set out by the CAA, EASA and FAA.


Key Areas

Experience & Safety is Critical

Unlike many other drone operators, we bring more than 25 years of expertise in aerial filming and aviation to our low level drone aerial filming business, ensuring you get the best shots. HFS are now widely recognised as one of the world's premier operators of drones for filming

You get absolute peace of mind that we apply the same rigorous safety procedures to our drones as we do our full-size helicopters. 

What's more, they're great for creating amazing chase scenes through confined environments like tunnels and buildings.

Our heavy-lift Cinema Drones from Intuitive Aerial and Shotover can even film in confined spaces such as warehouses and studio environments. Our drones are the most advanced in the industry, capable of lifting the heaviest camera payloads allowed with a diverse range of lenses, including zooms.

For maximum manoeuvrability without compromising on quality, we primarily use the ARRI Alexa Mini or RED Helium with an Angenieux Optimo 16-40mm zoom lens, and full 3-axis lens control on the Aerigon (12 Motor) or ARRI LF and Alexa65 on our 'Titan' Ultra-heavy lift drone.

HFS is unique in having flown a full ARRI 35mm Film package with Panavision Primo lens and also the ARRI Alexa 65 and LF. Recent flights have also included the Sony Venice and Red/Panavision DXL.

HFS crew are experts at using drones for filming and are highly experienced in a variety of environments and locations. Recent work includes action sequences and visual effects plates, with emphasis on stability, for the latest Marvel features: Avengers: End Game, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War along with Assassin's Creed, Wonder Woman 1 & 2, Now You See Me 2, Bridget Jones' Baby, Spectre and Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg.

We have one of the largest fleet of drones catering for all requirements, from a Mavic on a reccé, through Inspire Pro up to the largest heavy lift airframes.

From a production Health and Safety perspective, we treat drones as we would helicopters and adhere to a strict protocol drawn from our years in aviation. HFS are CAA Approved Congested Area Operators of UAS (OSC) with 20 metres for Commercial purposes and have obtained authorisations and Exemptions from UK Metroplolitan Police, Diplomatic Protection Group, City of Westminster, Port of London Authority, Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung (for operating in the Berlin restricted Security Area) Transport Malta, AESA (Spain), Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Macau and Hong Kong. We are fully approved for aerial operations including drones, by Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and Sony Pictures


Helicopter Film Services have now incorporated a UAV training academy, please  visit http://cuava.co.uk for more information

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