TITAN's first flight with Sony Venice Camera and Fujinon Premista 28-100 Zoom Lens announced


Helicopter Film Services combines its TITAN Ultra-heavy lift Drone with the SONY Venice Camera and Fujinon Premista 28-100 Zoom Lens


“The TITAN is unique: it has a flexible payload and is large and powerful, yet quiet.

In short, can fly a huge range of camera and lens options easily and safely.”

- Jeremy Braben, CEO, Helicopter Film Services


“With the TITAN flying our Premista 28-100 zoom lens, a whole new world of

creative possibilities from the air opens up!”

- Marc Catrall, Head of Cine Market Development, Fujinon UK


Europe’s leading aerial filming company, Helicopter Filming Services, announces that it has flown its TITAN*Ultra-heavy lift drone with the SONY Venice camera and the Fujinon Premista 28-100 zoom lens. This is the first time a lens of this size has been flown on a drone for use in aerial cinematography. Aerial Director of Photography, Jeremy Braben (Assoc. BSC) comments, We chose this lens for its full sensor coverage, continuous, fast T-stop and its light-weight form. This configuration, which incorporates a large, capable airframe paired with the super stable Mövi XL gimbal, is class leading.”

Braben, who is CEO of HFS Group, which owns Helicopter Film Services, continues, “Our original impetus for developing the TITAN was to be able to respond to requests from a couple of legendary cinematographers and VFX Supervisors to fly large format digital or 35mm film packages. Now, we have adapted the TITAN to enable it to fly a greater choice of lenses – including large zoom lenses.”

Marc Cartrall, Head of Cine Market Development at Fujunon UK, adds, “"The main premise of a zoom lens is to be as practical as possible without sacrificing image quality. While developing the Premista large format lenses, they had to be compact and lightweight while still covering the right focal lengths to maximise the benefits of using a zoom. By redesigning the lens from scratch, rather than adapting an existing design, we met the criteria we aimed for - providing the same amazing image quality and lack of breathing that you would expect from prime lenses. We are delighted it can be used by DoPs from the air, thanks to HFS’s painstakingly-constructed technology."




Braben summarises, "Before launching the TITAN in 2019, other heavy lift machines we trialed proved marginal in their performance when carrying the larger cameras and lenses we're asked to fly. TITAN is a system that will capably and safely operate with the large format cameras and lenses that top Production’s demand. TITAN has industry-leading triple redundancy on flight controls, double redundancy on power supply, and ballistic recovery. We have engineered this performance and capacity into a size of aircraft that still allows us to deploy and operate easily on any production that requires substantial flight durations.”


  • Optimised drone for large format Digital AND 35mm cameras
  • Max Payload – up to 30kg
  • Max Take-off Mass – 80kg
  • Triple Redundant Flight Controls – if one flight controller fails, there’s a backup system that will take over
  • Ballistic Recovery System – 3 parachutes
  • Class leading stability
  • Flight duration – up to 15 mins (subject to payload weight and configuration)
  • Lower noise signature
  • HD Video Downlink
  • Gimbal: ARRI SRH3 or MōVI XL


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